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  • We provide the finest Performance Driven Backhoes in North America.

  • Get the Job Done With Best In-Class Digging Force!

  • Unparalleled Quality Control Ensures Peak Performance from Day 1


Regardless of the Liberty Backhoe you select you can be assured you’ll be enjoying class leading digging force.


So many Liberty Backhoes customers already enjoy their Liberty Backhoes and we remain eager to prove why we remain the best choice for you.


Class leading performance, owner satisfaction & bottom line price continue to make Liberty Backhoes your clear choice.

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"I have a 7 foot backhoe and I am amazed at what a three point hitch backhoe can do. It has lots of digging power and the swing speed is exceptional. My liberty backhoe is really easy to get on and off of and the 2 stick controller makes digging a lot easier. It is a machine I would highly recommend for the do it yourself. Thanks!" Picture 1 Brian R. Finch - ON (CAN)
"Picture of our new hoe installed....works great, couldn't be happier... very well built and priced great." Picture 1 Bob S. – Tiverton, ON (CAN)
"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help on my Backhoe and Flail Mower they are both an exceptional products and the service was extraordinary, the backhoe was built a lot better then I expected. You went beyond what I usually get by other companies, just wanted to say thanks and you can use my comments on your web page." Stephen O. – Pennsboro, WV
"Excellent backhoe, quick to assembly, fun to use. Powerful enough for my business needs." Sean P. – Los Angeles, CA
"I use the backhoe for digging projects around my property. I have it connected to my John Deere. It has been running strong for 2 years, and we put a lot of hours on it. Thanks for the great deal." Ray W. – Aztec, NM
"The backhoe attachment is rugged and durable. It gets the job done at a fraction of the cost I would have paid elsewhere. I hooked it up to a Kubota tractor using the hydraulic system. It's great owning my own backhoe." John G. – Nashville, TN

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